What is a Mini Truck?

A Mini Truck is a Japanese Kei Class pickup truck. It is used throughout the world as a road worthy vehicle. Mini Trucks are imported into the United States as off road farm utility vehicles. The Mini Trucks that we are selling are a 4 speed straight shift, 2/4 wheel drive high/low range, right hand drive vehicle. They sport a 660 cc, 3 cylinder, gasoline powered and liquid cooled engine.

The Mini Truck is the ULTIMATE 4 WHEELER when it comes to HUNTING, FISHING and FARMING. Besides their 4 wheel drive capabilities, they also have a HEATED ENCLOSED CAB and a large bed for hauling. Like an all terrain vehicle, these trucks have a low center of gravity. By engaging the 4 wheel drive in either high or low range, Mini Trucks will CRAWL just about anywhere.

Mini Trucks feature lockable driver and passenger doors and roll-up windows, a full instrumentation panel and dash, upholstered bench or bucket seats, optional air conditioner, seat belts, windshield wipers and all exterior lamps of a standard pickup truck. The console is mounted on the floor board where the parking brake, gear shifter, 4 wheel drive engage button and high / low range lever are located.

The interior dimension of the Mini Truckís bed measures 52 inches wide by 72 inches long. Mounted to the bed are 3 gates approximately 11.5 inches tall. Each side gate is latched to the rear of the cab. The tail gate is latched to each side gate and can hang open to extend the length of the bed. All 3 gates will either fold down completely or can be removed to expand the hauling capabilities. A guard is mounted to the rear of the cabís exterior to protect the cab and the rear cab window. Tie down hooks are mounted on the cabís rear guard and on the outside of all 3 bed gates. Hauling capacity is upwards of 1,000 lb.

These Mini Trucks were imported with 12 inch street tires. The spare tire is mounted under the rear of the bed. The battery is mounted under the passenger side of the bed. An optional lockable tool box would be mounted next to the battery. Access to the engine comes from either a panel located in the bed behind the cab or from under either of the seats inside the cab. The overall dimensions of the truck average 68 inches tall, 130 inches long and 52 inches wide. The average weight is 1400 pounds.

Mini Trucks are as compact and versatile as an all terrain vehicle, have the ability to haul large loads, and offer protection from the weather elements.


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